Biography 小傳

You may find my educational backgrounds, conducting and teaching experiences, research interests and more...


Message 信息

Here are some of my thoughts regarding life, music, belief, culture, and worldview. You may also visit my blog at for more sharing.


Media 媒體

Here are some of my performance videos, audios, and pictures . It is still expanding, and please come back to visit from time to time.

這裡是一些演出的影片, 錄音, 和照片。媒體還在擴展中,請常回來參觀。


Welcome to my website.

You are cordially invited to share my Christian faith, intellect, profession and interests. 

You may also visit my Facebook and Blog page for more discussions:


希望在這裡能與您分享我的信仰,思維,專業及興趣亦可到我的 FacebookBlog 留言:

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